Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Tension of Life; and the Death of Ease.

Living is not easy, it's not supposed to be; but I discovered the death of ease, is excruciating.

Recently I have begun to manipulate the code that makes my blog look the way it does. In one year I've gone from writing on paper with my favourite style pen - an IT sceptic waiting for the producers to stop talking to each other in code and come up with some friendly software - untill now, I've become a Web Geek.

The search engine, tab browsing and push button publishing have changed everthing; the web is now officially (in my opinion) friendly.

Now the work starts; I'm 30 years behind; the last time I wrote software was is 1976, the first year my highschool had a computer science coarse to GOTO.

The tension is on, the ease of ignorance and critical opining about the revolution is for the critics.

Now to create that widget that 'windows' my favourite dictionary in my writing page... .

Image: Edgar Degas from wikipedia


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